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Module Features Details
Multiple locations Supports multiple located company offices. IT features advanced hierarchy with leveling like – headoffice > branch office.
Multiple shifts Supports multi shifts with different working time and shedule list.
API Built in API for 3rd party intigration.
IP restriction Can be added ip list in black-list for security reason.
Cloud based/ self hosted Can be hosted on the cloud or custom built server.
Permission manager (user role) Access to every module can be restricted from Permission Manager. And unlimited number of user role can be created with different types of permission.
Language Supports multiple languages.
Employee data A wide range of fields are available for employee data collecting system. Like – photo, joining date, contact details, social site’s details, work experiences, scaned documents, bank account details etc. Also any number of custom field can be added from dashboard.
Qualification manager Collects an employee’s educational history with degree, duration, result, subject, season, institute etc.
Job contracts Every employee has one/ multiple job contract(s). Contact type – fix job, hourly job, part timme job etc. New or existed contracts can be modify from the dashboard with ease.
Leave management
Self-service Employee can request for total leaves or early leaves from own his account.
Multi level leave approval Leave approval system can be set to single level/ multi-level or auto.
Leave limit & type Every employee has a maximum leave quantity, they can’t ask for more leaves than that limit. Leave types are predefined or custom based, like – casual leave, medical  leave etc.
Attendence Clock-in/ clock-out * Login to clock-in.                                                                               * Clock-in via 3rd party device.                                                                                 * Auto clock-out.                                                                                 * Multiple clock-in & clock-out in a single day.
Overtime & late Automatically counts late time and overtime.
Device based clock-in/ Clock-out Seamlessly integrated with bio-metric scanner and iris scanner.
Calender Auto generated calender with company’s holiday list. Each holiday has custom color adn type for easy indentification.
Adjustable with attendance & payroll All holiday is auto adjustable with payroll and other related.
Salary sheet Can generate salary sheet for multiple employees or individual employee.
Salary slip Ability to generate each employee’s payslip with every kind of details, like – total working hours, leaves, absents, salary deduction, net salary, total salary, salary break-down etc
Salary type Total salary can be broke down into many salary types, like – Basic Salary, Travelling Allowance, House Rent etc. Can be created/ edited salary types from the dashboard. Salary types can be either fixed, based on attendance or deduction type.
Export data Every report can be exported to PDF, XLS or printed to paper.
Announcement Global notice system. It appears to every employee’s dashboard.
Award Best employee can be awarded here.
Expenses Employee can submit official expense list, however every employee has a maximum limit of it which can be set from admin dashboard. These reports can be exported to PDF, XLS or printed to paper.
Task Manager/ HR/ Cheif ones can give other employee tasks to do. Also can monitor it’s progresses.
Ticket A help support system is also has been added where an employee can ask for any official help, like – password reset, id card lost report etc
Message All employee can internally communicate through messaging. It’s more like a messanger.
Daily report An organized way to monitor employee’s daily work report. Employee can submit their word report from their dashboard. These reports can be exported to PDF, XLS or printed to paper.
Job application Collects all job applications.
Employee statistics with graph Role wise, department wise, designation wise, location wise employee counts (%) with PI chart.
Export employee data Export all employee list to PDF, XLS or simply print it to paper. Individual employee data can be exported or printed in the same way
Daily attendance Daily based attendance report with clock-in, clock-out, late, overtime, total work time, rest time & remarks.
Date wise attendance Find attendance report of a specific day or a date range.
Date wise attendance summary Shows employee’s total present days including hours, late count, overtime count, leave count, holiday count, early leave count.
Export attendance report Every report can be exported to PDF, XLS or printed to paper.
Timeline view for attendance Attendance are also shown through a convenient timeline.
Graphical analysis of attendance data Comparism type analysis is integrated within the reporting system.
Real time notifications All notifications for leave requests, clock-in, clock-out, messages, announccements etc are real time.
Download section
ID card Generates employee’s print ready ID cards.
Appointment letter Auto generate appointment letters for new joined employees